5 Nothing Phone(1) features that should scare Apple

A screenshot from the Nothing Phone(1) keynote
(Image credit: Nothing)

A few weeks ago, the news broke loose that there was a brand new smartphone on the block looking to make an impact. With an Android operating system and a unique design, the Nothing Phone(1) gathered a lot of attention and has piqued our interest. 

Today, Nothing formally announced the phone with a keynote all about the upcoming mobile launch. At first glance, the design looks very similar to the iPhone, but in reality, it couldn't be any more different. The Nothing Phone (1) is being launched on 21 July 2022 from Convent Garden, London, starting from just £399. We've rounded up some of the Nothing Phone(1)'s most intriguing features, and it may give Apple a run for its money

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01. Glyph Interface

The Nothing Phone (1)

(Image credit: Nothing)

This might be the Phone (1)'s most interesting feature. The Glyph Interface is a series of lights that correspond to the phone's functions. Pei explains that you can customise the lights to flash in certain ways for different callers, notifications and charge (yep, one of the lights acts as a battery charge progress bar), and even acts as a ring light when taking pictures. The Glyph Interface allows users to put their phones face down but still know who's calling or messaging without having to check the phone.

Not only does the Glyph interface have some really interesting functions, but it also looks amazing. The obscure geometric lights make a really interesting design that stands out against anything else on the market. I can really see how this phone could become a fashionable accessory to have, especially at the likes of raves and gigs where the LED lights will look especially exciting. 

02. The design

The Nothing Phone (1)

(Image credit: Nothing)

Aside from the interesting Glyph Interface, the design of phone looks somewhat similar to the iPhone with its thin body and curved corners. However, the Phone(1) sports an Aluminium frame that is far lighter than the Stainless Steel that Apple uses in the iPhone. 

Pei goes on to explain that the Nothing team worked hard to ensure that its OLED display didn't affect the shape of the phone. While other phones often have a lump or notch where the OLED display connects to the phone, Nothing has instead used a flexible OLED screen tucked in on itself to make it completely flat to the phone, meaning that it is completely, satisfyingly symmetrical. 

03. Camera 

The Nothing Phone (1)

(Image credit: Nothing)

Now, I don't know about you, but the camera will often have a huge impact on which phone I buy. And while there has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the Apple vs Android cameras, I can safely say that I am impressed by Phone(1)'s cam. 

The Nothing Phone boasts a 50mp camera, with dual lenses and a wide-angle sensor that gives it a 140-degree field of view. When it comes to recording, the phone shoots at 60fps and in 4K. And just when you thought the camera sounded a little too good to be true, Pei revealed that the entire keynote was being filmed on the Nothing Phone(1) (see header image for reference). 

04. NFTs

The Nothing Phone(1) screen

You'll be able to add NFT widgets to your home screen.  (Image credit: Nothing)

I have to admit, when it comes to buying a new phone, I certainly am not looking at how it may house my collection of NFTs. However, the Phone(1) has taken the digital art phenomenon into account and has special settings designed specifically for your NFTs. Pei explained that Phone(1) has special widgets designed to display your NFTs on your home screen – this might be the new setting I didn't know I needed. 

05. Sustainability

The Nothing Phone (1)

(Image credit: Nothing)

Pei was quick to boast about the sustainability of the Nothing Phone(1), with all the Aluminium and Tin used in the phone being completely recycled, which apparently makes it the first smartphone company in the industry to do this. Plus, fifty per cent of the the plastic used in the phone is also Bio Plastic. 

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