Can you identify the fonts in this fiendish quiz?

Owen Sans type spot the difference game
(Image credit: Karan Sanas)

Think you know fonts like the back of your hand? This new quiz might just test your memory and patience – and all with a little gentle motivation from Owen Wilson. Typeface spot the difference game 'Owen Sans' is a fun (and sometimes frustrating) game that tests your knowledge of popular typefaces.

The game consists of 5 levels, each with increasing difficulty. Apparently, the first three levels are forgiving – but when you're looking at 4 different iterations of SF Pro, things can get a little tricky. (To brush up on your typographical knowledge, take a look at our guide to the best free fonts).

'You Lost' screen for the Owen Sans spot the difference type game

Owen remains supportive despite my failure – a true motivator (Image credit: Karan Sanas)

While the game might sound simple, it's actually a lot harder than it looks – this isn't your average round of spot the difference. There are a number of different typefaces to be quizzed on and some differences are so minute that it's almost impossible to spot the imposter. To boost your motivation, Wilson will interject with an enthused or disappointed "Wow," depending on your success – surprisingly it's quite soul-crushing to receive a dejected "Wow."

The first three levels are 'forgiving' in the sense that you have a 50/50 success rate, but make it to the fourth level and the options split into four – that's where I began to get lost. In my defence, Open Sans and Noto Sans are surprisingly similar under pressure. I'm not too sad though as even the game's developer, Karan Sanas, says he struggles to tell them apart.

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This game is the perfect way to waste a few minutes of your day but be warned it can be a little addictive. Owen Sans is available to play here, and you can find more information about it via Product Hunt.

For more typeface trends, check out the ingenious typography stamp set that's an absolute treat for font fans or take a look at these hilarious font fails

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