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This hilarious Photoshop face mask has Adobe's seal of approval

Photoshop Mask Mask
(Image credit: Photoshop Mask Mask, created by Jose Miguel Ramirez and Michael Kleinman)

With face masks quickly becoming a normal addition to our everyday attire, people are beginning to express themselves through the designs they wear. And if you identify as part of the design tribe, there's now a mask for you. A Photoshop-themed mask, which even has Adobe's official seal of approval. 

Two designers jokingly created the Photoshop Mask Mask, inspired by the integral Photoshop tool – the ultimate in-joke for Adobe users. Featuring the recognisable checked design of the mask tool, the masks were put on sale in limited numbers and sold out within 24 hours. But worry not, they've now been put on preorder and will be available to buy again on September 1 (if you don't manage to get one, find out where to get a face mask).

Photoshop mask mask

The mask itself (Image credit: Photoshop Mask Mask, created by Jose Miguel Ramirez and Michael Kleinman)

Adobe got wind of the project, created by Jose Miguel Ramirez and Michael Kleinman and who donate all profits to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund, and shared its support on Twitter via its Creative Cloud and Photoshop accounts.

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True to form, the creative responses to the Photoshop account's tweet show some serious skill and a brilliant sense of humour (see below).

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We bet this creative is delighted with Adobe's feedback.

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So far, the masks have provided 1,940 meals for families in need through the relief fund. They're non-medical masks, designed for public use only and consist of a sublimated polyester outer layer, a comfy microfiber lining and elastic ear loops.

If you'd like to get your face a Photoshop Mask Mask, check out the online store. Or if you're feeling especially hands-on, you'll need our guide on how to make a face mask. Got little ones, or perhaps medium-sized ones heading back to school? Here's where to find kids' face masks

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