Burger King's personalised face masks are truly bizarre

Burger King face mask
Okay then... (Image credit: Burger King)

Unless you've been living under a rock (which, in 2020, we wouldn't blame you for), you're no doubt aware of the importance of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. But while they're a huge part of the new normal, some face masks still manage to look anything but normal – such Burger King's new, personalised offering. 

Burger King Belgium is offering customers a personalised 'Safe Order Mask', with the wearer's preferred order emblazoned across the front. From the Whopper to the Double Steakhouse, customers can have their favourite burger typed across the mask (along with the word 'please', of course). If you're in the market for a covering that doesn't feature the name of a burger, here's where to buy a face mask

Burger King Face Mask

We hope that isn't a McDonald's drive-through  (Image credit: Burger King)

Produced with creative agency Buzzman, the campaign has seen thousands of fans respond to a Facebook post inviting them to comment with their favourite order. 500 will be selected to receive a personalised Safe Order Mask. 

"Why settle for a simple and mainstream piece of blue fabric when you can make a real statement with your mask?" asks a press release – which sounds great, as long as the statement you want to make is that you'd like a burger, please. (For a truly personalised mask, our how to make a face mask guide has you covered.)

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While the mask could prove useful at the front of the queue at Burger King, it's going to look pretty bizarre literally anywhere else. Wearers can probably expect bemused looks from cafe or supermarket staff wondering why you're asking them for a Whopper – and heaven forbid you accidentally wear it in McDonald's.

The tongue-in-cheek concept is in keeping with Burger King's recent advertising output, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. From onion-heavy burgers to huge cardboard king's crowns, the company has approached social distancing with a signature light touch (and with much greater success than McDonald's' tasteless social-distancing logo).

While Burger King's personalised masks aren't exactly serious (and will likely only appeal to bonafide burger buffs), the gimmick is at least a fun way of highlighting the importance of face coverings in a post-lockdown world. And with face masks now encouraged in communal areas in UK schools, they're more important than ever – here's where to buy face masks in the UK

  • Etsy.co.uk – a wide range of face masks from just £3.99
  • Buff – protective face coverings at low prices
  • HYPE – pack of 3 face masks for less than £25, with 100% of profits for the NHS
  • Ebay.co.uk –cloth face masks at a super-low prices
  • Silkies – pack of 2 protective face masks for less than $20
  • Stringking – Cloth masks with CDC-recommendations for just $6.99
  • Etsy.com – patterned face masks for as a little at $4
  • Los Angeles Apparel - 3 adjustable face masks for only $30
  • Sock Cares – cool and funky face masks for only $12

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