Printed books are here to stay: here's how to compete with digital saturation

Book production is an ever-evolving industry; one that is steeped deep in tradition yet driven by modern innovation. While a few years ago it was thought that printed books would be entirely replaced by e-books and audiobooks, it’s clear that people’s love for printed books (including the best graphic design books) is here to stay.

In a digitally saturated world, customers are experiencing more and more digital fatigue. The sheer volume of digital communications is causing many to switch off and opt out – and actively seek ways to reduce their intake of online content. in fact, there’s growing evidence to suggest that younger readers are favouring tradition over technology when it comes to reading. A report from Nielsen BookData found that printed books were the most popular way to read for people aged between 13-24 in the UK, accounting for 80% of purchases. In comparison, e-books made up just 14% of sales for the same age group. It’s apparent that reading printed books is and will continue to be a good way to escape the abundance of digital noise that’s prevalent today. 

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