I’m furious that this Pixar-inspired Porsche doesn’t have a face

A life size version of Sally
(Image credit: Porsche)

We've all seen Disney Pixar's cars, right? The hit animated movie was released back in 2006 and has gathered up a large fanbase over the years. But what if we told you that you could drive your very own vehicle from the Cars movie?

That's right, Porsche is releasing a limited edition version of its Carrera 992 model inspired by Sally from the Cars movies. The limited-edition car will be kitted out with special Disney-themed additions to help raise money for charity. No idea what we're talking about? You can catch up on all the Pixar movies over on Disney Plus

Sketches for the Porsche design

The car will be filled with Cars-themed Easter eggs (Image credit: Porsche)

In the original Cars movie, one of the main characters is Sally, who is a blue Porsche Carrera 911. Now, 16 years after the movie was released, Porsche is creating a one-off vehicle that'll feature Sally's iconic shade of blue as well as custom badges, silver trim and the tattoo on the back of the car. 

If you're loving the sound of owning your very own Sally Porsche then you're in luck. The one-off car is being put up for auction by Sotheby's later this year, with the proceeds going to Girls Inc (a charity for a long-term education programme for girls). The car will also come with a limited edition watch, special luggage, a map of Radiator Springs (the town from the movie) and an owner's manual. 

A comparison between the two Porsche cars

The new Porsche is inspired by Disney's design (Image credit: Porsche)

While I can appreciate that the auction is going towards a good cause, there is one thing about the design that I'm slightly disappointed about – why doesn't it have a face? I grew up watching the Cars movies and the prospect of there being a real-life Sally is exciting. Of course, the whole eyes for a windscreen thing might cause a few problems, but I would've loved to see the cartoon car on the road. To make matters worse, Porsche even wheeled out a life-size version of Sally at SXSW (see above). That being said, I definitely prefer this car design to Tesla's Cybertruck.

We'll have to wait and see how much the Porsche will sell for at auction, but in the meantime, why not have a go at creating your own animated characters? Make sure you check out our guide on character design to help get you started. Or if you'd rather have a big old Disney-thon, upgrade your viewing set up with one of the best TVs available.  

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