Stranger Things 2 poster takes a darker tone

Mark October 27 in your calendar as the day you need to sign back up to Netflix (or at least enrol in another free trial) because Stranger Things is back in town.

You remember Stranger Things, right? The sci-f/ fantasy '80s nostalgia fest was the show on everybody's lips last year thanks to its gripping story, charming characters, and an aesthetic that managed to look retro without appearing dated. It also spawned animated mashups, plus an 8-bit videogame makeover.

Prepare to return to the Upside Down [Click to see the full size poster]

We've already seen how the official poster for the first series was created, but with a second batch of episodes on the way it's only fitting that series two got its own promotional artwork...

First and second series compared – what does the darker look suggest about the content of the next series?

Fans of the show have already exploded with excitement online thanks to the new poster, and it's sure to lead to some rampant speculation – is that the monster from the first series lurking in the clouds, and most importantly, where's Eleven?

We've got to wait a couple of months yet until we find out, but in the meantime there's also a brief video teaser to tide you over.

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