This Stranger Things poster is a retro treat

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has continued to take the world by storm since its original release back in 2016. A recent Duffer Brothers announcement revealed there's about to be a West End show titled 'Stranger Things: The First Shadow', coming late in 2023 – and the visuals have already grabbed our attention. 

We may not have a lot of information about the play yet, but there are already some gorgeous poster designs and promo material to get excited about (in fact, it's so good it rivals our top poster designs ever). Check it all out below.

A shot of the Stranger Things play poster showing an illustration of two silhouettes against a red background

(Image credit: Netflix)

The main poster itself (above) is both striking and delightfully retro. The gritty, textured background paired with the bold yet simple colours is reminiscent of a few classic '80s film posters like The Shining and Pulp Fiction. We see a lot of neons and brighter colours in the majority of the Stranger Things promotional material, so this new style is a good change of pace to set the mood for a whole new story. 

But the main poster also poses a question of its own. It shows two silhouettes against a window of the Creel house, and whilst Henry Creel (better known as Vecna) is pretty obvious, we have to ask who the younger character is. Is it Henry pre-evil, or maybe a new character altogether? I guess we'll see.

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Originally shared on Twitter, the teaser video (above) is also minimalist yet stunning, and features an intriguing illustration of a house and some basic information about the show. Coupled with that iconic synth-y soundtrack, it's enough to give any Duffer Brothers enthusiast chills. 

Fans of the series will recognise the house as the haunting abode of Henry Creel, Stranger Things' main antagonist. It plays a major role in the latest series as it acts as ground zero for the chaos unfolding in Hawkins, so its inclusion as a focal point is an exciting hint for the play's potential plot.

A shot of the mansion from Stranger Things next to an illustration of the same house on a red background

(Image credit: Netflix/Temple & Wright)

Luckily we're not completely in the dark regarding the story as the official Twitter has released a short plot synopsis. The play will feature a younger Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers, as well as showing the origin of the aforementioned Creel family's arrival to Hawkins. 

Whilst we have seen some flashbacks to Henry Creel's childhood and the origins of his powers in the series, the history of Hawkins and other major characters has otherwise been pretty minimal. This makes the development of the play an exciting yet unique way to expand the universe ahead of the release of the fifth and final season. 

A photo of a young Henry Creel from the Netflix show and a snippet of text explaining a synopsis of the show on a read background

(Image credit: Netflix/Sonia Friedman)

The dedicated website is currently pretty sparse in terms of info, but excited fans can sign up to receive notifications of when tickets go on sale. Considering the production quality and details of the original Netflix series we have no doubt that the play will be stunning. And if the beautiful posters are anything to go by, we can't wait to find out more. Inspired? Make your own with our pick of the best online poster makers.

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