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Turn your love of gaming into a career with the School of Game Design

If you have an idea for a great game floating around in your head and want to bring it to life, then you need to enrol at the School of Game Design. You can get lifetime access to this great resource for aspiring game designers on sale now for 98 per cent off the retail price!

The School of Game Design is a great resource for people of all skill levels. It's packed with more than 120 hours of actionable content that will teach you the skills you need to make your dream game a reality. These step-by-step courses will teach you the coding languages and frameworks you need to know, animation and modelling techniques, and much more.

This bundle is valued at $5,999, but you can get it for just $69 (approx. £53). That’s 98 per cent off the retail price for access to lessons that could set you on a new career course, so grab it today!