PC users are furious about the new Windows 11 design

Windows 11
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Just a few short weeks after Apple revealed its next generation of desktop and mobile software, it seems Microsoft is about to do the same. The company's next event kicks off on 24 June, and we're expecting Windows 11 to be the headliner. But screenshots of the new UI have already leaked – and some users aren't happy.

The screenshots reveal an updated design with rounded corners, a new dock-like taskbar and, perhaps most controversially, a centered Start menu. Because what use is one of the best computers for graphic design if you can't find the Start button?

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The leaks, which first originated on Chinese social media site Baidu, reveal a cleaner interface than that of Windows 10. Gone are Tile boxes, and every window appears to have a softly rounded edge. There's also a new widgets feature (hello iOS 14).

But the biggest changes appear to be reserved for the Start menu. Not only has it been cleaned up, but the buttons now sit in the centre. This might not sound a huge deal, but for those of us who've been used to a left-hand corner Start button since 1995, it's all rather mind-blowing. And it seems some do not appreciate the change:

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Oh, and it seems there's another issue. With all those soft edges and rounded corners, the whole thing does look a little, well, Apple. Whether or not that's a good thing is, of course, up to you – but it seems there are plenty who would rather the two tech giants' softwares didn't look too alike. "If I wanted a Mac look I'd buy a Mac and I definitely don't want a Mac," one user tweets, while another adds, "Why are they trying to make it look like a Mac that’s the one thing Windows isn’t supposed to look like?"

MacOS Big Sur icons

Are Windows 11's round edges inspired by MacOS Big Sur? (Image credit: Apple)

Of course, this is only a limited look at Windows 11, and who knows – perhaps there'll be some incredible new features and visuals to keep users happy when Microsoft reveals the software properly next week. And hey, as far as we're concerned, there are worse things to look like than a Mac. With that in mind, check out today's best M1 Mac deals below.

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