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The bottle is dead: meet Water In A Box

Water in a box

Environmental concerns mean that packaging design is increasingly moving away from plastic - and there can be no better illustration of this trend than Vivid Water's 'Water in a Box' range. Launched this week, it's the UK's first Tetra Pak carton-packaged water product. And while this means you can't see the water itself, the beautiful branding more than makes up for it.

Brighton-based advertising agency Designate is behind the simple and clean design, which uses a blue and white colour palette for the main product and a water drop icon, aiming to make the packs 'instantly recognisable as a water product'.

"A simple, unfussy design emphasised the purity and cleanliness of the product and the freshness of the taste," explains Daniel Fagg, joint creative director at Designate. "The logo was created in Swiss Black giving a confident bold look for this new upstart brand."

Made predominantly from renewable and responsibly sourced paperboard, the Tetra Pak packaging also has a low impact on the environment and, unlike many many plastic bottles, contains no PET. Water in a Box is now available from Tesco stores.

Water in a Box

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