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The Moleskine that thinks it's a mini photo studio

There's no denying that us creatives love our Moleskines. And being creatives, some of us can't resist the tempation to do creative things to transform its usefulness beyond simple sketching and note-taking.

Take Barcelona agency Honest and Smile. They've taken the popular notebook and transformed it into a brand new product that puts a mini photo studio in the palm of your hand.

What began life as a limited edition wooden contraption that allowed you to film both sides of a conversation using a single iPhone has now been reborn as the AbracadabrApp. Which is slightly confusing, because it's not a digital app at all. (The agency describes it as an "analogue app", although we're not sure that makes it any clearer.) Basically, it's a modified Moleskine notebook featuring a slot to hold your iPhone, a re-positionable mirror, and a small collection of tinted analog colour filters.

By positioning the mirror, you can capture two perspectives in the same shot, whilst still being able to fold it up into an easy to pocket notebook. At $38, the AbracadabrApp is a pretty great deal, seeing as you can also use it as a regular Moleskine too.

moleskin pad

moleskin photo

You can purchase an AbracadabrApp over on Etsy.

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