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9 classic movie scenes captured in cinemagraphs

What's your all-time favourite scene from a movie? When Jack Nicholson's head appears through a hole in the smashed up bathroom door and shouts 'Here's Jonny!' in The Shining? Or when Uma Thurman and John Travolta tear up the dancefloor in Pulp Fiction?

Whatever yours may be, now you can enjoy your favourite movie moments on repeat with a cinemagraph - GIFs that isolate specific moments. Check out this selection of awesome movie cinemagraphs already created by film lovers around the world. Is your favourite included?

The Shining

The Fifth Element

The Big Lebowski


Movie cinemagraphs



Movie cinemagraphs

Pulp Fiction

A Clockwork Orange

No Country for Old Men

Want to master the art of cinemagraph creation? Check out this step-by-step beginner's guide.

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Which is your favourite movie cinemagraph? What film would you make one for? Let us know in the comments below...