10 beautiful examples of nature photography

Nature photography covers to a wide range of images taken outdoors, devoted to showcasing the world in its natural form. From wildlife to landscapes to plants and beyond, there are thousands of stunning nature photographs online to inspire you. Here are some of our favourites...

01. A Welcome Cooler

Enthusiast photographer Steve Langton captured this beautiful scene in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya

If this image doesn't make you fall in love with elephants, we don't know what will. This playful resident of the Amboseli National Park in Kenya was captured squirting water at this small bird by enthusiast photographer Steve Langton. Specialising in nature and travel photography, Langton takes his Canon DSLR everywhere with him.

02. Deniz

This sublime scene was captured by professional photographer Omer Yucel

This striking view was taken by professional photographer Omer Yücel just a few days ago. Yücel's online portofolio is full of stunning nature and landscape photography. But this is our favourite, the shutter of the camera left open to capture movement leaves the sea looking perfectly calm and serene. A fascinating view and gorgeous nature shot.

03. Edelweiss

A bit of imagination and creativity turns this well known mountain flower into a magical image. Image © Edvard - Badri Storman

This shot proves that even a simple flower can produce the most magical of images. This beautiful bunch of Eldeweiss was captured by photographer Edvard - Badri Storman in the village of Doslovče, Slovenia. Specialising in nature photography, Storman's portfolio states, "Seeking or making the right moment to find a proper light which reveals the beauty of reality - this is my reason for photography."

04. Bleeding Light

Photographer Andrew Cooney set his shutter at 1/1000 of a second to capture this beautiful image

Photographer Andrew Cooney is clearly a beach and surf lover. And this is just one of the amazing wave captures in his beautiful portfolio. The clear water makes this scene look more like a glass sculpture than the ocean just doing its thing. Cooney states on his portfolio, "A warm early morning sun pierces this wave giving this image something special!"

05. Direct hit

No buildings were harmed in the making of this image. Image © Ahmed Waheed

Nature strikes in Egypt and amateur photographer Ahmed Waheed was there to record it. This clever point of view of this shot makes it look just like the lightning bolt directly hits the top of the building. A brilliant example of awesome photography and perfect timing.

06. 5:43am

Who woudn't get up early every morning to this view? Image © Love Leica

This beautiful sunrise was captured by Love Leica. A lover of natural beauty, this talented artist has an extensive portfolio, full of stunning nature photography. Great composition, gorgeous natural colours and sunlight make this a scene we'd definitely want to get up early for every morning.

07. Winter

These wonderful ice spikes form fantastic shapes and make for an awesome wintry composition. Image © Georgia Mizuleva

Looks a bit chilly here. These perfectly formed icicles were shot by photographer Georgia Mizuleva in the Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Toronto. Inspired by the natural world, Mizuleva has an awe-inspiring portfolio of images, commenting on it, "I'd like to hug the person who invented digital photography and allowed me to have so much fun."

08. Waterflow

Amateur photographer Panos Lahanas captured this beautiful waterfall image late last year

Amateur photographer Panos Lahanas was the man behind the lens when this gorgeous, colourful waterfall photo was taken. The beautiful scene was captured in November last year, the movement of the water captured by the shutter left open for a couple of seconds.

09. Moonscape

This beautiful scene was captured by amateur photographer Mark Bridger

This atmospheric shot was taken by amateur photographer Mark Bridger. This hobbyist has, unbelievable, only been practising the art of photography for four years. His main interest being nature photography, Bridger has an awesome, extensive collection of beautiful imagery.

10. Azure Damselfly

You looking at me? Image © David Pritchard

Up close and personal, this beautiful macro photograph captures every tiny detail of this colourful creature in its natural habitat. Semi-professional photographer David Pritchard shot this small, female Azure Damselfly using his Nikon D300 camera. Pritchard has a diverse portfolio, which includes an awe-inspiring collection of landscape and nature photography.

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