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The 10 best movie posters of 2013

Here at Creative Bloq, we'd be the first to admit that we get more excited over the release of a new film poster than the trailer or movie itself. Posters speak volumes and often give the first insight into the film's themes, aesthetics and overall design. We've picked our 10 favourite official posters from 2013 that feature a wide range of design disciplines.

01. Only God Forgives (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

Gravillis Inc have worked on a number of movie posters during 2013

This poster for Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn's 2013 release 'Only God Forgives' was created by Gravillis Inc (opens in new tab). The Los Angeles based visual communication company have worked on a number of movie posters this year including Kick Ass 2 and Mandela. We love their incorporation of the tag line into the mouth of the dragon.

02. The ABCs of Death (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

We love the illustraiton style with this poster

The ABCs of Death was a risky film that enlisted the help of 26 directors to make 26 short films showcasing various ways to die. Each filmmaker was given a letter and had to conjure up a way to die using that letter. We love the illustration with this poster and the clever, subtle weapons placed on the seemingly blank blocks.

03. Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

The perfect mix of black and white photography and bright typography

This poster design by Little Mule Studio for SXSW movie favourite Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton is the perfect mix of black and white photography and beautiful, bold typography. Ensuring the letters take centre stage, the tag line fits perfectly in between.

04. Toad Road (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

A perfect colour palette that reflects the film's style

Created by Jesse McGowan (opens in new tab) this movie poster for Toad Road is a beautiful look into the style of the film as a whole. They specialise in creating posters for indie films and often produce some of the best posters this side of cinema. We particularly like the complementary colour palette with this one.

05. Filth (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

A simple concept movie poster that really works

This was the first teaser poster from All City (opens in new tab) to be released for the movie adaptation of Irvine Welsh's acclaimed and cult novel Filth. The imagery created using the tag line 'It's a filthy job getting to the top, but somebody's got to do it', is clever, simple and works wonders. The integration of the hash tag for Twitter is also subtley perfect.

06. Spring Breakers (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

The juxtaposing objects placed in this poster make it a winner

Spring Breakers produced a number of enticing movie posters - including the favourite dayglo offering (opens in new tab) - but it's this juxtaposing execution that caught our eye. Using the white sheet background to signify innocence, the poster is then filled with objects portraying the 'coming-of-age' stage in every teenager's life, with the sweets, lip balms and sneakers further juxtaposed with violent weapons and drugs.

07. Trance (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

This movie poster design perfectly captures the frustrations of the character

Trance is a movie based around hypnotising, which is something that needs to be conveyed in the poster design. This triumphant execution uses colour to its full advantage, providing a harrowing view and one that perfectly captures the frustrations of James McAvoy's character.

08. Nebraska (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

This poster was created by a company who usually handle big, blockbuster movie posters

This poster for the recent release of 'Nebraska' was created by BLT Communications, LLC (opens in new tab). Surprisingly, they usually create big, blockbuster style posters but this subtle and simple approach has won us over. Making clever use of black and white photography, it's a poster design we're sure will go on to win an award or two.

09. Escape From Tomorrow (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

Mickey Mouse's hand will never look the same again

Now, here's a poster design that would certainly catch your eye. Taking the iconic image of Disney's Mickey Mouse hand and turning it into something really quite sinister creates an engaging and wholly unique poster design. The Disney font brings this one together.

10. Blue is the Warmest Colour (opens in new tab)

best movie posters 2013

Perfect colours and handwritten fonts make this poster design a triumph

Blue is the Warmest Colour was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2013 and this beautiful poster was created by French graphic designer Karine Savard (opens in new tab). The blue background teamed with an almost crayon-like font and young, pink lips make this a triumph in poster design.

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What was your favourite movie poster of 2013? Let us know in the comments box below!

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