Clever posters subvert Asian stereotypes

asian subconscious posters

A is for Asian plays on the idea that Asians "all look the same", drawing a parallel with the notion that all sans serif fonts look the same.

If you're looking to design a poster then this new series from Kult magazine will provide a blast of offbeat inspiration. Using everything from minimalism to realism, photography to typography, this diverse series of posters attempts to get beyond stereotypes and go deeper into what really makes Asian culture tick.

Under the title 'Asian Subconcious', the series features designs from a range of artists ranging from emerging to established talents, with contributors including Foreign Policy Design, Mojoko, Anonymous, Jonathan Yuen and Djohan Johari.

"Drawing influences from Asian architecture, typography, packaging and food, the artists expressed undercurrents of contemporary Asian culture in their designs," the magazine explains. We love the high level of originality and imagination that have gone into these posters, making for an impressive series that speaks with a wide and eloquent design vocabulary.

asian subconscious posters

Jonathan Yuen tranlsates the British 'Keep Calm and Carry On’ meme into two pictographs

asian subconscious posters

Made from characters taken from Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil, these new characters are "familiar yet alien, suggestive of future possibilities"

asian subconscious posters

This design finds "the lowest common denominator between the races" through romanticising the trades of those who laboured in an earlier era

asian subconscious posters

Deconstructed strokes of Chinese characters and Latin letters are used to express the idea of Asian integration and disintegration with the Western world

asian subconscious posters

The words 'brain' on the right and 'stomach' on the left are written with black sticky rice in Laos script to convey the idea of the stomach being the 'second brain'

asian subconscious posters

Based on packaging for Chinese medicine, this visual juxtaposition of Eastern and Western culture symbolises the obsession with food

asian subconscious posters

The typographic poster embraces the diversity of architecture across Asia

asian subconscious posters

The Mandarin characters for Homesick allude to a sense of loss of identity that comes with rapid modernisation

You can purchase these posters on the Kult website.

What do you make of these posters? Let us know in the comments box below!

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