6 travel posters that aren't what you think

Right now, London is the coolest city on the planet, and millions visit it every month. But there's a group of people who remain largely resistant to enjoy the UK capital's attractions, and that's Londoners themselves. To tempt them to explore what it has to offer, Transport for London (TfL) and M&C Saatchi have unveiled a colourful campaign entitled 'Without Leaving London'.

At first glance, the posters seem to be encouraging Londoners to travel the world and have new and exotic experiences - but then it becomes evident that these places are but a short train ride's distance within the capital itself.

Leading illustrators

Anyone who's ever lived in a large city, yet only ever visited its main attractions when entertaining visitors from out of town, will get the joke. And the artwork is beautifully executed, thanks to the talents of top illustrators Stanley Chow, Jack Hughes, Jack Hudson, Rob Bailey, Daniel Frost and Miguel Montaner.

The integrated campaign – running across press, outdoor (including digital), radio, content and digital display – will run until 7 September. There'll also be a takeover of Time Out magazine, with a co-branded landing page.

Poster designed by Rob Bailey

Poster designed by Jack Hudson

Poster designed by Daniel Frost

Poster designed by Miguel Montaner

Poster designed by Stanley Chow

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