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Urban survival kit aims to help kids in poverty

With the aim of combating poverty in cities and teaching kids survival techniques from an early age, multidisciplinary designer Ryan Romanes recently developed this urban survival kit.

"The task was to create a designed and considered solution to the contributing factors of urban poverty," says New Zealander Romanes. "The solution came in the form of an Urban Survival Pack for children, to be placed in schools for use as an instructional device by teachers." The idea is to instil kids with a sense of ownership, responsibility and entrepreneurship from an early age.


The kit comes beautifully presented in a 20cm2 box which, made of acryclic and Sterling board (OSB), houses 12 cardboard tubes. Among them they contain an emergency survival kit which includes salt, a Swiss army knife, whistle and other tools; a gardening pack consisting of a spade, rake and trowel; and an emergency shelter.

There are also tubes containing seeds to grow garden peas, lettuce and other vegetables, all of which can be filled with soil and used as pots to grow them.

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