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Cleverly designed first aid kit can be used one-handed

The design of the humble, everday home first aid kit bothered product designer Gabriele Meldaikyte. Not happy with its functionality and usability, she recently decided to give it a makeover with practicality and the real world in mind.

"The design of standard first aid kits usually doesn't address how they function in real life, where they are often used by someone who has no medical training," says Meldaikyte.


Her solution to this problem was creating a kit that is divided by various injuries and includes step-by-step instructions on how to tend to each. Meldaikyte also developed the new, organised design specifically to be used with one hand so any injury to the other would not hinder effective treatment.

This is a really cool concept. For most accidents around the home, a simple, easy-to-use first aid kit is all you need, and this organised, stylish design - suitable for all ages - offers just that.

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