Reinventing the fridge magnet

You won't ignore your fridge door notes any more with these cool dagger designs

Designer store Yanko Design does a great line in reinventing the humdrum, and we love these arty takes on the fridge magnet.

Following the darkly violent notebooks we covered last week, we're now craving these Ninja knife magnets, created by Afterain Design. To be honest, they had us at the words 'Ninja knife magnet'... and the savagely cool packaging makes us want them all the more.

The sleek packaging is beautiful - it's almost a shame to open up the box

Available in black, silver, and gold colours, each comes with a small hole at the end of the tip so that you can transform it into a dagger keychain.

We also liked the look of these miniature cement magnets, which bring a sense of stark modernist realism to your fridge pinnings.

They're made of real cement!

Designed by Hsin-Huang Tsai, these magnets are actually made of real cement so do a solid job of the task in hand.

We'd love to hear if you've spotted a cool fridge magnet design - let us know in the comments!

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