Microsoft's incredibly fluid one-page site

Build website apes Windows 8's aesthetic and uses Microsoft's corporate font, Segoe

Build is Microsoft's annual developer conference, and this year’s event focused on building applications for Windows 8. For the conference's website, Nishant Kothary enlisted Paravel to help with the design and the frontend responsive code.

The minimalist aesthetic of this one-page website mimics the look and feel of Windows 8, aided in part by the use of Microsoft's corporate typeface, Segoe. Unlike many responsive layouts, this site demonstrates incredible fluidity, with breakpoints being hard to detect.

Fluid site uses Metro-style design language to good effect

"The resolution independence of the Metro design aesthetic combined with Segoe’s flexibility inspired us to think just as much about extra wide viewports as we did narrow ones," says Paravel's Trent Walton.

Homepage requests/size: 47/864 kB mobile, 47/881 kB desktop

Words: Paul Lloyd. This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 234.

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