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X marks the spot for mobile design agency website

Pinch/zoom is a mobile design agency led by renowned mobile expert Brian Fling, and has a remarkable site that performs along the x-axis, the web’s less trodden path, on wide displays.

The design uses CSS columns, which can be difficult in responsive design to control the presence of a horizontal scrollbar, but pinch/zoom prevails and elegantly addresses the problem with some vertical responsive craftiness. The content has space to sing while the navigation, which works effortlessly in small or large viewports, sits out of the way and is only triggered on clicking the pinch/zoom logo.

Horizontal scrolling gives the content space to sing

Horizontal scrolling gives the content space to sing

On small devices, the dynamic shifts to traverse the more familiar y-axis. It’s clearly a considered decision: the wide viewport accommodates multiple columns and the horizontal layout seamlessly, but smaller viewports unable to handle several columns would offer a disjointed reading experience.

Often you’ll find websites that take this approach are open to experimentation, but it can often battle with our inbuilt habits. Pinch/zoom manages to step up to the challenge and produce something that feels solid and intuitive against the odds.

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 243.

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