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Meet the great-grandfather of responsive web design

We're pleased to announce that the great-grandfather of responsive web design, John Allsopp, has joined the impressive list of speakers at our September event Generate London.

One of the great thinkers of the web design era, Allsopp's article A Dao of Web Design was cited as a key influence by Ethan Marcotte in the development of responsive web design, earning him the semi-official title 'great-grandfather of RWD'.

The author of Developing with Web Standards, and founder of one of the earliest web conferences, Web Directions, he's one of the best speakers on the circuit.

His talk at Generate will explain how by understanding the flexible nature of the web, we can think about its future, and help it reach its true potential. It should be worth the price of the ticket alone!

Unmissable event

Generate is coming to London's Grand Connaught Rooms on 17-18 September 2015 and it promises to be the web design event of the year for the UK and Europe.

Other world-class speakers will include the likes of Eric Meyer, Rachel Andrew, Josh Payton, Inayaili de León Persson, Sara Soueidan, Andi Smith, Verne Ho, Michael Flarup and Dan Goodwin, with more to be announced. So don't delay... your Early Bird ticket now!

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