Create image-based fonts in an instant with Google Type

Random Google images become characters for a typeface in Google Type

A new website has sprung up that will be manna from heaven for fans of both Google and typography - Google Type.

Google Type uses Google's image search engine to create a custom font from images found around the web. Google's image search is already set up so that if you simply type a single letter of the alphabet into it, it returns a list of images of that letter.

The images are chosen randomly so you can repeat it to get different outcomes - hours of fun guaranteed!

The site is not an official Google website; it has been set up by a group of Brussels, Belgium-based developers called Internet Club, named Cecilia, Constant, Damien, Jean, Patrick, Pierre, Ramin, Raphael, Thibault, Thomas, and Tom.

The only message on the sparse Internet Club website is: "Because Internet gave us so much we decided to give back", and it appears that Google Type is the first gift of 32 that the team plan to give us.

We can't wait to see what's next - but in the meantime we'll be playing with Google Type...

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