Dishonest typography highlights white lies

New York based graphic designer and illustrator Lauren Hom has crafted cute typography project 'Daily Dishonesty'. The hand-lettering blog started during her senior year of college and combines her love of typography, humour, copywriting, and illustration.

The blog documents the lies we all tell ourselves on a regular basis. Hoping that you're guilty too, Lauren hopes that we can all have a gigle at these brilliantly designed typography pieces.

We're all guilty of this right?

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Lauren started her design career by cluttering the sidewalk with chalk drawings of flowers, puppies, and the occasional awkward family portrait. After completing a degree in advertising and graphic design from the School of Visual Arts, Lauren also learned the creative methods of silkscreening, book binding, and stamp carving.

Another daily dishonesty that we're guilty of!

These are just some of the lies featured in her Daily Dishonesty series. You can view the entire range on the website and you can even submit your own little white lies that Lauren will then add to the rooster.

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Which daily dishonesty are you guilty of? Let us know in the comments box below!