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See everyday fonts become funny portraits

Comic Sans portrait

This witty gallery sums up font personalities perfectly.

Thanks to their stylised shapes and formats, fonts are loaded with character that affect how you read them. We've already seen students describing typefaces as people, but this collection takes personification to the next level.

Designed by art director Giovanni Isnenghi, TypeFaces Vol 1 is a personal project that rearranges familiar fonts into amazingly appropriate portraits.

From a gruff Garamond profile to the widely despised Comic Sans taking an arrow to the head, these pictures find creative ways to reinvent something as recognisable as typography.

Can we expect a Wingdings portrait in the future? Explore the images below and let us know what you'd like to see.

Garamound portrait

Grumpy Garamond becomes a sulky customer

Bodoni 72 portrait

Bodoni 72's elegant serifs become a glamorous lady

Myriad Pro

Look out for Myriad Pro's antisocial behaviour

Johnston Underground portrait

Johnston Underground takes a ride on the tube

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