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This tasty typography turns food into words


Ingredients and typography are brought together in this bespoke lettering

Typography doesn't come more tasty than these creations cooked up by Analog Folk in partnership with Side by Side, two creative agencies who produce mouth-watering work.

Designed to create a connection between the type and the ingredient, this bespoke lettering was made for Sainsbury's 'Twist Your Favourites' advertising campaign.

The idea for the campaign was beautifully simple – liven up your favourite dishes by adding an unexpected ingredient. Launched across Sainsbury's social media channels and online adverts in September, these wordmarks were all handmade with props sourced from antique shops.

Would these culinary creations encourage you to put coffee in your spaghetti bolognese, or sprinkle dark chocolate into your chilli con carne? Explore the images below and find out.

Chorizo typography

This strong flavour has a suitably bold font

Coffee typography

This coffee lettering looks like it could be stirred

Dark chocolate typography

Chocolate typography is just too good to resist

Honey typography

A careful hand shaped this sweet lettering

Horseradish typography

We love this use of negative space with typography

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