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Font of the day: Born

Free font: Born

Here at Creative Bloq, we're big fans of typography and we're constantly on the hunt for new and exciting typefaces - especially free fonts. So, if you're in need of a font for your latest design or just like to keep a collection so you're prepared, we may be able to help out.

Every day, we're running 'Font of the day', where we'll be posting the best best free and paid-for fonts the web has to offer.

Born by Carlos de Toro

Graphic designer Carlos de Toro is passionate about typography and type design. So much so that his latest project was developing Born, a new typeface inspired by traditional calligraphy.

"Born is a humanistic typeface that is based on traditional calligraphic forms, but with some new features in its endings, strokes and drops, that provide a more open, fresh and actual look," he explains. "It also has a big X height, so offers a high legibility even at small sizes.

"Born typeface, born in Barcelona city at early 2013, bears the name of one of the most pinturesque Barcelona districts, on the shores of the Mediterranean takes together the old and the traditional, and also the multicutural stuff and new trends, blending these in its narrow and winding streets, creating a symbiosis between tradition and modernity. This is a Mediterranean type, which it’s open to new times."

Download Born for free over on Behance.

Free fonts: Born

Free fonts: Born

Free fonts: Born

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