The T-shirt every designer should wear to work!

This awesome new 'Name your Layers' T-shirt has just been released by Photoshop Etiquette - the guide created to give both beginner and seasoned web designers a crash course in keeping PSDs organised.

Designer and illustrator Teresa Wozniak created the cool concept exclusively for Photoshop Etiquette. As the website states, 'Whether you're an avid Photoshop Etiquette advocate or just a no-nonsense designer, this is an awesome addition to your collection.' And we couldn't agree more!

Designer and illustrator Tersa Wozniak was the brains behind the new 'Name your Layers' T-shirt for Photoshop Etiquette

The T-shirt is printed with water based and discharged ink for extra comfort and comes in men's and women's sizes S, M, L & XL. On sale for a week only, you can order it now for just $17 plus shipping.