3 free UX design ebooks

Free UX design ebooks

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes – three fundamental techniques for UX designers

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes (opens in new tab) – three fundamental techniques for UX designers, each one is as unique as the next whichever wireframe tools (opens in new tab) and mockup app you use.

In the past, UXPin (opens in new tab) has released three individual and standalone guides, giving each one specialized treatment. Now you can get all three ebooks in one complete bundle for free.

The UX Design Builder's E-book Bundle (opens in new tab) covers best practices for these three design techniques, over 350 pages, all in one free download.

Free UX design ebooks

The Guide to Wireframing covers all the essentials of wireframing

The first ebook, The Guide to Wireframing (opens in new tab), covers all the essentials of wireframing, like:

  • The different types of wireframes (sketches, cutouts, stencils, and digital)
  • Best practices for each type of wireframing software
  • Resources like UI pattern libraries, both importable and standalone
  • Tips and tricks collected from UX experts

Free UX design ebooks

Tips and tricks are collected from UX experts

The Guide to Mockups (opens in new tab) gives the same treatment to this visual document, discussing:

  • Mockup anatomy – what you should and shouldn't include
  • Visual hierarchy, and how to influence which content gets seen first
  • The three most effective methods for creating mockups
  • Best practices for Photoshop and Sketch

Free UX design ebooks

The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping covers every corner of this popular UX design topic

Finally, The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping (opens in new tab) covers every corner of this popular UX design topic, explaining:

  • The four prototyping dimensions to consider for each new project
  • Paper, coded, digital, and 'Wizard of Oz' prototypes
  • Designing prototypes specifically for usability testing
  • 10 ways to maximize your prototype's returns
  • Converting Photoshop and Sketch files into layered interactive prototypes

These three ebooks collect expert advice and real-life examples from companies like Google Venture, Apple, ZURB, IDEO, and more.

Download this e-book bundle now (opens in new tab)

Words: Jerry Cao

Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin (opens in new tab) – the wireframing and prototyping app – where he develops in-app and online content for the wireframing and prototyping platform.

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