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Mesmerizing titles promote Young Director's Award

Since 1998, the Young Directors Award has supported and promoted debuting international creative talent in commercial film production. And the 2013 award ceremony opened with this dynamic title sequence created by Mill+.

Using the concept of a creative storm as a narrative device, the 90-second film takes viewers on a journey through a world of imaginative shapes and silhouettes before ending with a hurricane of spiralling motion. "Using a combination of live action, 2D and 3D animation, we delve into the perspective of a young director as his mind is hit with a storm of creativity, ideas, colour and motion," explains art director Antar Walker.

The team at Mill+ are a talented bunch, constantly producing high quality work for the advertising, games and music industries. And this short film is no exception. The decision to use abstract imagery is not only a visual feast but also allows audiences to interpret it individually. Very cool.

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