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24 top-class website templates

18. Avada (WordPress)

website template

There are tools of tools for refining this WordPress template (Image credit: Avada)

Avada ($60) claims to be the best-selling WordPress theme of all, and it certainly has a lot going for it. 

It might be a third-party template, but the underlying framework is flexible enough to enable the crafting of all kinds of design styles, and there are tons of user-friendly tools and options for subsequently fine-tuning the resulting site.

19. Huge (Tumblr)

Website templates - Huge

This website template is perfect for image- or video-heavy blogs

This $19 website template by Precrafted, Huge, is aimed at people wanting a blog that is heavy in imagery and videos. Many elements can be fully customised, and keyboard navigation makes it easy to quickly jump between posts when using traditional keyboard input. 

The design also includes a fixed (but not distracting) menu and options for controlling how photos appear.

20. Red Cap (HTML5)

Website templates - Red Cap

Create 'coming soon' landing pages with this niche website template

This one's a single-page HTML5 template, based on Bootstrap, boasting plenty of customisation options and a MailChimp subscription form. 

Red Cap is primarily aimed at people wanting to create 'coming soon' landing pages for upcoming projects or products, and for $7 it saves you the hassle of smashing together countdown scripts and the like yourself.

21. Mediator (Jekyll)

Website templates - Mediator

A responsive, minimal website template for Jekyll

Another creation that's heavily focused on content, Mediator is a responsive, minimal template for Jekyll by Dirk Fabisch. It's also available for free.

It has support for featured articles, enables the use of header images, and includes FontAwesome, in order that you can easily work with icon fonts.

22. Oblivion Magazine (Tumblr)

Website templates - Oblivion Magazine

With over 100 customisation options, Oblivion Magazine has everything you need

Aimed squarely at journalists and publishers, Oblivion Magazine is a responsive Tumblr template that's crammed with customisation options, features and widgets.

It includes a custom preloader and fancy loading animations, multiple authors, reading time info and SoundCloud player. Made by adraft, it's a steal at $24, although it's a few years old now and hasn't been updated lately.

23. Valenti (WordPress)

website templates

A website template that's great for magazine-oriented sites (Image credit: Valenti)

Where Valenti largely succeeds is in its flexibility and richness. This is a template primarily designed for magazine-oriented sites, and it's packed with options for vibrant home pages, full-background image styles, and parallax. 

Priced at $59, it's also high-res- and mobile-ready, provides alternatives for review ratings, and makes it easy to craft mega-menu navigation.

24. Lychee (HTML5)

Website templates - Lychee

Lychee has great parallax effects and is also available as a WordPress template

Powered by Twitter's Bootstrap 3 framework, Lychee is designed as a professional portfolio site theme. It produces valid HTML5/CSS3 pages and features over 30 pages, six homepages, 20 portfolio pages and two blog styles, all of them perfectly responsive. 

Excellent parallax effects pair with a clean and professional design, and the whole package will cost you $29. It's also available as a WordPress template.

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