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Burger website makes the most of widescreen

Simon Doggett focuses on UX by day and dabbles in web design and cheeseburger eating by night. He created Burger Anarchy, a site that reviews and celebrates delicious sandwiches. The site also shares humorous videos of attempts at burger brilliance, such as the ‘Quesaburgilla’.

The Octin Sports font is used with CSS text-stroke, creating the logo and instantly conveying that this is a fun site. Text-shadow is used on the body copy, setting it apart from the textured background. Adjacent sibling selectors are used on paragraphs to apply text-indents. Videos, images, and features adapt to different screen sizes gracefully.

|"We wanted a responsive layout and chose Squarespace as our provider," explains Doggett. "Its responsive image handling and layouts saved a ton of work. Large viewports showcase the details for recipes like bacon-pickle animal-cheese sauce. I wanted it to look really great on big widescreen monitors, hence all that width."

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 243.

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