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Clever site shows how our homes will evolve

Explore how domestic technology has evolved over the last 15 years, and take a speculative glimpse of where it's headed with this interactive tool from Rightmove.

Designed to celebrate the property website's 15th birthday, the Home of the Future contains a smattering of Rightmove trivia (they nearly called themselves Doorknob), alongside interesting suggestions of how current tech trends will develop.

Home from 2000

Here's how things looked in 2000...


... and here's the fast forward to 2030

Experts from PC Pro, Pocket-Lint and Future Timeline have worked with Rightmove to offer their property predictions. From social media shower curtains that keep you connected while you clean, to an 'internet of things' security system that relays live videos to your phone, all signs point towards a future that is more connected and spatially economic.

"New technology will transform the home of the future," says Abiola Oni, research manager at Rightmove. "Complaints like an internet black spot at the back of your kitchen or worrying if you've switched your heating off could be a thing of the past."

"Of course such advanced technology won't appeal to everyone," Abiola adds. "But those who are prepared to push for the latest and greatest could find their property stands out from the crowd when it comes to selling up and moving on."

Explore all of the innovations and ideas by scrolling through the Home of the Future's timeline, or scurry back to the comfort of nostalgia by visiting a typical home from the year 2000. It's amazing to see how much has already changed.

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