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Learn how to go it alone with net magazine

net magazine's summer (270) issue – on sale from 9 July – is a freelance special, full of essential tips and advice on how to go it alone. Discover the pros and cons of freelance life, tips for landing the big clients, how to set up your own agency and much more.

Plus, there's 10 easy steps for creating better hybrid apps, six ways to react to and control screen orientation changes in HTML5, and present the beginners’ guide to Git.

There’s also a free digital copy of the complete 37-page mobile prototyping chapter of Rachel Hinman’s The Mobile Frontier – A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences, courtesy of Rosenfeld Media.

But you need to be quick: 24 June is your last chance to subscribe, saving up to 60 per cent, and guarantee your copy of issue 270. Enjoy the interactive features in our digital edition, available on Apple or Android, get your issues delivered to your door with our print edition or get the best of both worlds with our print and digital bundle!

Click here for more information on net magazine's freelance issue

Also inside the freelance issue:

  • Special report: discover the pros and cons of freelancing and provide key takeways along the way
  • Create an animating SVG icon in Sketch and CodePen
  • Animate an app prototype with Framer (and get 20% off!) – a powerful prototyping tool for design interaction
  • Build a native mobile app the easy way with React Native – Facebook’s new native application development framework
  • Protect your users’ privacy: we list some best practices you should adopt to make sure personal information can’t be exploited

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