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Free ebook on minimalism in web design

Download this free book today!

Download this free book today!

The Elegance of Minimalism, a free pocket guide in UXPin's free design library, deconstructs the techniques behind some of the most effective minimalist design on the web.

Teaching with 28 hand-picked examples, the ebook is written in a practical format that focuses on real-world application.

Minimalism in web design is more than just a stripped down aesthetic – it's a philosophy that prioritizes content above everything else on the page. Even though minimalism originated in print design during the turn of the century, it remains timeless due to its clean aesthetic and intuitive usability.

The free pocket guide includes:

  • 10 chapters including designing with space, creating visual harmony, critieria for minimalism, free minimalist design tools, contrasting elements, and related design techniques.
  • Practical tips for simplifying any web design
  • An exploration of true minimalist design philosophy over the more common minimalist aesthetic
  • Deconstruction of different types of symmetry and asymmetry common to minimalist design

Check out the ebook, and feel free to share with anyone who might find it helpful.

Download the free pocket guide here