37 sets of free icons

23. Simple and practical web icon vector graphic

Free icons simple and practical web icon vector graphic

This is a great mix of eye-catching and useful icons

A variety of extremely useful icons that can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

24. Free flat icons

free icons free flat icons

How much more flat could these be? 

Fantastic set of flat designed icons that feature icons for calendars, emails, clocks, maps and more.

25. Mono icons

Free icons monoicons

This minimal set features 108 unique icon designs

A beautiful, minimal set which includes 108 unique icon designs that are available as a PNG at 32x32px that you can customise as you see fit.

26. Metrize icons

Free icons Metrize icons

Here's a free collection of 300 metro-style icons for apps or web projects

Here's fantastic resource for designers and developers – a free collection of 300 metro-style icons that you could use for your apps or web projects. They're all free to use in both personal and commercial projects and the download includes not only the PSD, SVG, ESP and AI but also the web font.

27. Chunky Pika Icon Set

Free icons chunky pika icon set

Go Dutch with these chunky icons

Check out this Pika-style vector icons released by the Dutch designers at Dutch Icon. The set includes 42 chunky pixel-perfect icons that you can use for your next personal or client project.

28. 44 Shades of Free Icons

Free icons 44 shades of free icons

44 minimal icons, no messing

Need some simple icons for your next client project? Here's a set of 44 icons you can use. They're in a PSD format, enabling you to easily edit and adapt them.

29. Token icon set

Free icons token icon set

These icons come in all the sizes and in light and dark variants

Token includes 128 unique icon designs, available as an ICO bundling of 16x16px, 32x32px and 256x256px icons, or as a PNG at 128x128px. Each icon has both dark and light variants, and comes along with a PSD which includes the layer styles for each resolution.

30. Flat icons (PSD)

Free icons flat icons psd

Last lot of flat icons not flat enough for you? Try these instead.

Colourful flat icon set that you can download in a PSD format, allowing you to change colours and adapt each icon so it integrates perfectly into your new project. 

31. 48 flat designer icons

Free icons flat designer icons

Icons don't get any flatter than this

If you're a fan of minimalism then this icon set might be perfect for you. It consists of 48 free icons for office, social and travel, all supplied in AI and PNG formats, fully scalable and in full colour and monochrome coral.

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