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How Huge gave Vans a grown-up, responsive website

Popular retailer Vans has recently got a new website, designed by Huge, one of our favourite digital agencies. Stationed across seven offices throughout the US and London, Huge has worked with some of the world's best-known brands, and their talent and experience is evident in what they've produced here.

"The new site was designed with a high amount of content in mind and a focus in helping the brand grow up, while maintaining the audience that has been with it for over 30 years," says Huge's executive creative director Jon Jackson.

Beyond selling shoes and other clothing merchandise, Jackson emphasised that Vans is also a 'content provider', so one of the goals of the redesign was to combine content and product, and get people into the site either way."The new site presents a more simplified style than we'd usually expect from the brand," Jackson adds, "which not only improves the shopping and navigating experience, but also helps Vans move towards its current audience and their updated style."

Much like its audience, Vans' website has grown up as well, with a smart responsive design that means its just as beautiful and useful on desktops as it is on a variety of other devices and screen sizes.

Words: Brian Hoff

Brian is the founder and creative director of Brian Hoff Design, a Philadelphia-based boutique digital agency creating web and mobile platforms and products. Follow him on Twitter at @behoff.

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