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Chrome battles IE in Space Invaders for geeks

brower invaders

Warning! Browser Invaders is extremely addictive

Browser Invaders is a fun little experiment built by Seb Lee-Delisle for this year’s State of the Browser conference for web standards enthusiasts. After live coding most of the game, Lee-Delisle pitted browser evangelists against each other.

The game is built using Canvas and you can change which browser you’re playing as by hitting one to five on the opening screen. Having moved away from developing in Flash several years ago Lee-Delisle used “pretty much just raw JavaScript” mixed with a little existing code to handle requestAnimationFrame and the keyboard input" to build Browser Invaders.

Lee-Delisle explains that the JavaScript uses "very simple physics – I’m just oscillating the x position of the invaders on a sine wave. They speed up as the game progresses".

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