Koken: A new free CMS for designers, photographers, and creative DIYs

Today marks the launch of an exciting and brand-new CMS: Koken. And get this - it's crafted especially for creatives. Developed to offer photographers, designers and artists a different kind of publishing platform, Koken - created by Todd Dominey, Brad Daily and Lauren Smith - focuses primarily on images, and can be used on your own web server.

Customise your web site's style inside the console using simple style controls

Koken manages your uploaded images and videos through a dedicated, desktop-like interface and images, videos, slideshows, tweets, and even content from Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo are a snap to display.

Features include:

  • Live preview
  • Responsive media elements
  • The ability to install on your own server (requires PHP/MySQL)
  • The option to design your own themes should you choose

For those wanting to get their hands dirty with code, you can customize your site's appearance inside the console using simple style controls, or write your own CSS. You can also choose from six minimal, responsive themes that look great on every screen. The CMS even syncs with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

You can download Koken here.

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Will you be using Koken? Let us know how you find it in the comments box below!