Agency website adopts 'show not tell' strategy

Web agency Station Four has undergone a rebranding process and designed a new website to better its personality and brand.

"We started conceiving the new website around the idea of showing, not telling, potential clients what we can do," explains Station Four creative director and co-owner Christopher Olberding. Consequently the homepage uses a large, featured work banner to show off Station Four’s most recent work.

The new site brings the agency's work into sharp focus

While redesigning the site, the team learned that sometimes you need to create things in the browser to see how well they work. “It really wasn’t until we started writing the CSS and JavaScript animations for the banner that we became happy with this concept," explains Olberding.

The 'Expertise' page employs an interesting, circle-based approach to navigation

The 'Expertise' page has an interesting navigation design: it uses large circle imagery as links. These take advantage of border-radius properties to achieve the look, and apply animations on them as well.

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 235.

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