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Create presentations with this free HTML5 tool


Presentations made easy with Presente

Presentate enables users to create great-looking presentations in the browser to be shared on any device. It was designed and built by the dynamic duo of Faruk Ateş and Justin Hileman. Ateş explains that they "wanted a presentation creation and sharing experience that was a first-class citizen on the web, and HTML5 allowed us to make that".

The File API and History API are two of the many HTML5 features included alongside new semantics, full screen and new input types. Ate points out that the most noticeable issues they’ve come across so far are "with inconsistent browser support for input types and attributes, despite these features having been codified for years".

Fullscreen also provided some niggles: Ateş puts that down to the spec "not taking enough use cases into account". More interesting HTML5 features offer something intriguing to the Presentate team so, Ate remarks, "there's a lot more to come".


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