Building a textured visual treat

Digital artist Magnus Kjäll conjures up an impossible landscape combining nature photography and vectors.

I've always loved 3D modelling. Or rather, I've always loved imagining the possibilities it holds. Whenever I've braced myself enough to finally give it some serious attention, I usually end up frustrated because of the technical challenges.

Obviously I don't have the patience to dedicate my spare time to a 3D program, so it's best for me to concentrate on what I know. And that's taking something ugly and dull into Photoshop and turning it into something more attractive and, more importantly, something that is my own idea.

In this tutorial I will demonstrate some of the techniques I've come to use over the years, and outline my general working process for creating a digital artwork in Photoshop. The piece I'm discussing is a spiritual sequel to an illustration I made for depthCORE back in December.

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