Vote for your favourites in the CG Awards 2015

The CG Awards 2015 is open for business! Find out which movies, artists and tools are on the shortlist, and cast your vote today!

Created by 3D World magazine, the CG Awards 2015 recognises the work of the entire industry: from software and hardware developers who create the tools and engines to drive creativity, to the artists and technicians involved in pushing the boundaries of visual effects, illustration, animation and design.

Voting is open in this year's awards now! So make sure you don't miss the boat: visit today, find out who's on the shortlist, and vote in any or all of the 17 categories.

The final winner will be decided by a panel of industry experts and unveiled on 11 November. The categories are as follows:

Creative awards

  • Best VFX feature film scene
  • VFX short film of the year
  • CG animated feature of the year
  • CG animated short of the year
  • Best CG commercial campaign
  • Arch-viz animation of the year
  • Arch-viz still of the year
  • CG video game of the year: in-game
  • CG video game of the year: promotion

Technology awards

  • New application of the year
  • Software update of the year
  • Plug-in of the year
  • Software innovation of the year
  • Hardware innovation of the year
  • 3D print innovation of the year (new)

Community awards

  • Live Event of the year
  • 3D World Hall of Fame

"Visual artists and technicians have always been the backbone of the entertainment industry," says renowned matte painter and one of the CG Awards shortlist judges, Milan Schere.

Milan Schere

"They continue to amaze us with their creative artistry as well as innovative outside-of-the-box thinking. Recognising the achievements of these unsung heroes is the most appropriate way to further fuel the motivation of every single digital magician in our global community.

"The CG Awards are a reminder to all of us that we must continue to experiment with the smoke and mirrors of our time in order to keep channelling our passion for this craft."

We're intent on making 2015 the biggest and best awards yet, so please join us by casting your vote and making your voice heard!

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