13 mind-blowing pumpkin designs

Love it or hate it, Halloween is well and truly on its way. It's the time of year where thosaunds dress up as their favourite scary character and pumpkins adorn homes across the world. But not all pumpkin carvings are created equal – and these examples have truly blown our minds...

01. Walking Dead

pumpkin designs

The Walking Dead design is just one offering from Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Want to make a bold design statement this Halloween? You could do worse than be inspired by the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, aka Brooklyn-based artists Marc Evan and Chris Soria. Maniac Pumpkin Carvers is a full creative art studio that specialises in elaborate pumpkin art, and have clients including Honda, Yahoo, and the BBC.

02. The Scream

pumpkin designs

A wonderful tribute to Edvard Munch's The Scream

Whilst many Halloween enthusiasts will be carving silly faces, kooky characters and pop icons into their pumpkins, this creator decided to go down a more artistic route. Producing a brilliant homage to Edvard Munch's 'The Scream', we're sure this number took a heck of a long time to complete!

03. Gorilla

pumpkin designs

Ray Villafane and his team use spoons and scalpels for thier pumpkin designs

Michigan based Ray Villafane and his team of professional sculptors carve pumpkins using spoons and scalpels to create these detailed sculpts. Each takes about two hours to complete, with the team recreating characters such as Gizmo and IT in pumpkin flesh. Creepy and inspiring all at the same time!

04. Haunted castle

pumpkin designs

The candle really brings this castle pumpkin design to life

The full glory of a pumpkin design is never quite realised until a candle is placed inside. This is certainly the case for this haunted castle design, with its intricate carvings of windows, bats and an almost 3D feel. The huge moon in the background really makes this one.

05. Bored squash

pumpkin designs

Another amazing creation from Ray Villafane and his team

We know we're cheating a little here, as this bored looking face wasn't actually carved from a pumpkin. It was etched into a squash and was created by Ray Villafane and his team. Come on - you didn't expect us to include just one of his designs?!

06. Death Star

pumpkin designs

A pumpkin design for all you Star Wars fans out there

A pumpkin design for all you Star Wars fans out there! This brilliantly simple depiction of the Death Star has been carved carefully into this pumpkin - making it a welcome addition to any sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast's abode.

07. Burger

pumpkin designs

An entirely edible pumpkin design from Fredo Alvarez

Less scary and more scrumptious, this fun burger creation was designed by Fredo Alvarez. "Our office held a mini-contest to determine which pumpkin would go into the building-wide competition. There were about eight or nine entries, and my department's entry won both contests. Everything in our entry was edible, too!" he explains.

08. Hollywood

pumpkin designs

Some Hollywood inspired character design at the Roger Williams Zoo

This Hollywood-themed pumpkin bores caricatures of Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe and Tom Cruise at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo. "Basically, what we put on here is an illuminated art show set to music,” explains founder John Reckner.

09. Elephant

pumpkin designs

A brilliant animal creation for this pumpkin design

A beautifully crafted animal creation with this pumpkin design. We can't get over the amazing attention to detail with this one - from the carefully placed wrinkles to the wholly realistic eyes. Notice the 3D aspect of the trunk too!

10. Spider-man

pumpkin designs

Spidey makes his pumpkin design debut

There are plenty of superhero pumpkin designs out there but we have to say that this crawling Spider-man impressed us the most! Looking like he's crawling from the top of the pumpkin, the attention to detail with his web-like costume makes this a winner at Creative Bloq.

11. Game of Thrones

pumpkin designs

The pattern work on this Game of Thrones pumpkin design is brilliant

Another television inspired pumpkin design with this awesome Game of Thrones opening credit creation. The pattern work with this one must have taken a bucket load of patience, with the carefully etched wolf silhouettes proving wholly inspirational.

12. Cat

pumpkin designs

A modern take on the traditional cat pumpkin designs

We love this modern take on the traditional cat pumpkin carving designs. The detailed leaves and branches give a whole new aspect to the usual kitty offerings, with the cat's fur even becoming more detailed the closer you look.

13. Face off

pumpkin designs

Another creation from Ray Villafane proves he is the king of pumpkins

Okay, okay. We know this is another Ray Villafane pumpkin design but just look at it! The detail, the character design and the use of a larger pumpkin is just mind-blowing. Who knew turning a pumpkin on its side could look so good?

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