38 amazing Mac decal designs

As a creative, it's natural to want to do a bit of customisation when in comes to your computer – and that's where Mac decals come in.

Ranging from the cute to the crude, most of these Mac decals incorporate the famous Apple logo design (although it might not be obvious at first sight) and enable any creative to express their personality through their Macbook.

01. Bolted rustic metal sheets

Mac decals Peanuts

Make your Mac look like something out of Robot Wars

This rugged metal look will appeal to a variety of fandoms; Game of Thrones, Doom and Knightmare spring to mind, but it will work for anyone who wants their Mac to look more like industrial machinery and less like a dainty designer object. 

02. All-seeing eye

Mac decals Space

The owner of a Mac that looks like this is no doubt working on something very interesting

Make yourself look mysterious on trains with this little decal that replaces your apple with an all-seeing eye. 

03. Geometric

Mac decals Geometric

Lose yourself in this decal's kaleidoscopic colours

It's no secret that we're fans of geometric patterns, so it makes sense that we love this colourful mac decal. With a cover for both the back and the keyboard, this decal is a great way to give your mac a dash of colour.

Mac decals elephant

Great colour combination

If you want to make your Mac look like it has a marble case there are lots of colour options, but we love this bold gold and turquoise combination. 

05. iCoverMyApple

Mac decals iCover

iCoverMyApple stickers are inspired by natural environments

iCoverMyApple is a husband and wife duo where the idea for creating stickers began when they realised that they wanted to enhance and personalise their own 'stuff'. "Our search for beautiful stylish stickers came to a halt. So that's when we decided to create a line of stickers for people who appreciate art and celebrate their own personal style," they explain.

Mac decals colour

Add a splash of colour to your work space

Add a splash of colour to your desk with this brilliant oil painting mac decal design. It will no doubt get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to add more colour to your work.

07. Flowers

Mac decals Flower

Bring a natural look to your Mac with this flower decal

Macs might be one of the most high tech commercial gadgets, but even they can benefit from homely decals. This pleasant floral cover would be perfect for green-fingered mac users, or anyone after a subtle decal that would be at home anywhere.

08. Banksy

Mac decals Banksy

This decal gives your Mac some street art edge

Did you manage to visit Dismaland? Or maybe you've got a copy of Wall and Piece on your coffee table. Either way, this decal is perfect for fans of the subversive, counter-culture graffiti artist, Banksy.

Mac decals Burnt Mac

Straight out of a sci-fi movie is the burnt Mac decal

We love this burnt mac decal as it looks like it's come straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie where macs are an outdated thing of the past. If you want to channel your inner sci-fi hero, grab this one.

10. Stars

Mac decals Van Gogh

Add some Van Gogh to your mac exterior

If the minimal, silver look of your mac doesn't really do it for you, why not add some classic painting to the exterior? This Van Gogh Mac decal design is perfect for those of you that love his work.

Mac decals Bohemian

Take a walk on the wild side with this decal

Channel your spiritual self with this beautifully worn mac decal. Decorated with intricate mandala-style imagery, this cover is finished off with a gorgeous turquoise and sepia colour scheme to give your laptop an ethereal touch.

Mac decals Colour ray

This radiant decal will brighten up your Mac

Here's a decal that will get you noticed! Inject some much-need rays of colour with this Mac decal design. Full of a wonderous array of shades, this will brighten up any day.

13. Silver and white unfocused sparkle

Mac decals Ribbed

A subtle variation on a plain silver Mac

This decal captures sparkles, lens flares and light reflected from motes of dust to create a hazy effect.

Mac decals evolution

A brilliant interpretation of the iconic Apple logo

Okay, okay. Whilst this techinically isn't a 'Mac' decal, we're sure you could still stick it on your computer. Charting the evolution of Apple in a humourous manner, this design is a brilliant interpretation of the iconic logo.

15. Navy Gold Foil

Mac decals Old TV

We love these dusky colours

These dusky colours make your Mac look like something expensively made that a wizard might own. 

Mac decals Autumn colours

Autumn lovers will fall for this decal

This mellow twist on vibrant floral mac decals is a welcome addition to the range of nature-themed colours. Layered with beautifully illustrated leaves, this decal is a piece of art in itself.

Mac decals Mickey

Mickey gives your Mac a hug with this Disney decal

Add a little Disney inspiration to your mac with this Mickey hands mac decal. Carrying it along, it'll look as though Mickey's stuck in there with along with all your secrets!

18. Oil Marbling

Mac decals Totoro

Colourful oil marbling

Remember making those oil paintings at school by floating the paint in a water tray then dipping in your paper? Bring back fond memories of those days with this vibrant image. 

19. Isaac Newton

Mac decals Newton

This Mac decal design hits the nail on the head

Unleash your inner scientist with this brilliantly apt Isaac Newton Mac decal. It's available in a whole host of colours too.

20. French Bulldog

Mac decals bulldog

This pooch sniffs out an adorable decal

What a pretty pooch! This adorable Mac decal design was inspired by the creator's own dog Bella and we think it's one of the cutest decals we've ever some across.

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