42 amazing Mac decal designs

We bring together 42 fantastic Mac decal designs, including the cute, the funny and some of your favourite characters.

As a creative, it's natural to want to do a bit of customisation when in comes to your computer - and that's where Mac decals come in.

Ranging from the cute to the crude, these sticker-like decorations enable any creative to express their personality through their Mac. Ranging from cute to crude, most of these Mac decals incorporate the infamous Apple logo design (although it might not be obvious at first sight).

And if you've got a Mac decal you'd like to share please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments box!

01. Colour Elephant

mac decals
Combine your love of colour and animals with this Mac decal

Combine your love of animals and colour with this cute and inspiring coloured elephant design. The splashes of colour will no doubt provide some colour inspiration for your latest projects, whilst the elephant will help transport you to warmer climates.

02. iCoverMyApple

mac decal designs
iCoverMyApple stickers are inspired by natural environments

iCoverMyApple is a husband and wife duo where the idea for creating stickers began when they realised that they wanted to enhance and personalise their own 'stuff'. "Our search for beautiful stylish stickers came to a halt. So that's when we decided to create a line of stickers for people who appreciate art and celebrate their own personal style," they explain.

03. Oil Painting

best mac decal designs
Add a splash of colour to your work space

Add a splash of colour to your desk with this brilliant oil painting mac decal design. It will no doubt get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to add more colour to your work.

04. Flowers

best mac decal designs
Inject some flowery life into the January blues

The dreary January weather can get even the best of us down, so inject some flowery life into your everyday routine with this gorgeously girly mac decal.

05. The number of people

best mac decal designs
Aid your character design inspiration with this mac decal

This is the perfect mac decal design for all you illustrators and character designers out there. Featuring a wide range of styles and faces, this will certainly aid your creativity when it comes to new characters and inspirations.

06. Burnt mac

best mac decal designs
Straight out of a sci-fi movie is the burnt mac decal

We love this burnt mac decal as it looks like it's come straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie where macs are an outdated thing of the past. If you want to channel your inner sci-fi hero, grab this one.

07. Stars

best mac decal designs
Add some Van Gogh to your mac exterior

If the minimal, silver look of your mac doesn't really do it for you, why not add some classic painting to the exterior? This Van Gogh mac decal design is perfect for those of you that love his work.

08. Colourful Apple ink

best mac decals
This Mac decal harks back to the old school Apple logo

If you're a fan of the old school Apple logo, this is the perfect Mac decal for you. An inky explosion of colour for all you retro Apple fans out there.

09. Mushroom Mac decal

mac decal desgns
Escape to the woods with this mushroom mac decal

Escape the mundane reality of your nine-to-fiveand daydream your way into the woods with this wonderful mushroom Mac decal. Full of illustrative inspiration, the colours perfectly complement each other, with the extra decal for your keyboard providing even more design loveliness.

10. Colour splash

mac decal designs
Inject some colour into your Mac with this decal design

Here's a decal that will get you noticed! Inject some much-need splashes of colour with this Mac decal design. Full of a wonderous array of shades, this will brighten up any day.

11. Ribbed decal

mac decal designs
A mac decal design for all you Apple enthusiasts

This is a Mac decal for those of you that live and breathe all things Apple (let's face it, there's plenty of you). Show your passion for the tech giant with this hearty design.

12. Evolution

mac decal designs
A brilliant interpretation of the iconic Apple logo

Okay, okay. Whilst this techinically isn't a 'Mac' decal, we're sure you could still stick it on your computer. Charting the evolution of Apple in a humourous manner, this design is a brilliant interpretation of the iconic logo.

13. Old T.V.

 old tv
Tune into this old school Mac decal

Go all old school with this retro-tastic TV Mac decal. What's more, if you like all things old school, there's also a boombox and plenty more retro stylings to choose from. 

14. Daisies

mac decals
Get into the summer spirit with this daisy Mac decal

Flower-lovers and sun-chasers galore will adore this daisy Mac decal. Get into the summery spirit and kit out your Mac with a breath of illustrative sunshine.

15. Mickey hands

Mickey gives your Mac a hug with this Disney decal

Add a little Disney inspiration to your mac with this Mickey hands mac decal. Carrying it along, it'll look as though Mickey's stuck in there with along with all your secrets!

16. Totoro

A Studio Ghibli inspired decal for lovers of anime

Now, who wouldn't fall in love with this adorable Studio Ghibli inspired Mac decal? Here, one of their best loved characters Tortoro lovingly shields the Apple logo from droplets of rain. Cute!

17. 90s graphics

 80s/90s graphics
One for the lovers of 80s and 90s graphics

This is a Mac decal for those of you who love your '80s and '90s tribal culture graphics. Bold, bright and brash, this is certainly a decal that will get you noticed.

18. Isaac Newton

best mac decals
This Mac decal design hits the nail on the head

Unleash your inner scientist with this brilliantly apt Isaac Newton Mac decal. It's available in a whole host of colours too.

19. French Bulldog

best mac decals
This pooch sniffs out an adorable decal

What a pretty pooch! This adorable Mac decal design was inspired by the creator's own dog Bella and we think it's one of the cutest decals we've ever some across.

20. Cute Panda

best mac decals
A perfect panda for creatives that love all things cute

This heart shaped vinyl laptop sticker features a cute panda that's stolen our hearts. Perfect for lovers of twee, this Mac decal also comes in an array of pinks and greens.

21. Adventure Time BMO

best mac decals
BMO does a dance for this delightful decal

Calling all fans of TV cartoon series Adventure Time! The show's  sentient video game console BMO has been immortalised in this cool Mac decal. As one of our favourite AT characters, this decal has to be one of our top picks.

22. Superman

best mac decals
This Superman decal arrives just in time for Man of Steel

Just in time for the release of new Superman movie Man of Steel, this Mac decal is a must-have for any Clark Kent fanatic. Whichever interpretation of the Kryptonian superhero you prefer, this Mac decal is the perfect accompaniment to your obsession.

23. Iron Man

Mac decals
Saving the world, one Macbook at a time...

Kicking off our list is this awesome Iron Man Macbook decal. The clever design incorporates the famous Apple logo as the superhero's deadly arm blaster.

24. Apple Pi

Mac decals
Apple pi anyone?

Serve up a slice of Apple pi with this simple but brilliant design from DecalForThat. This fun decal, created for your inner geek, is perfect for all you math and dessert lovers out there.

25. Funkadelic

Mac decals
Add a splash of colour to your Mac with this vibrant funkadelic design

Add a splash of colour to your Mac with this gorgeous funkadelic design from StickySlaps. The perfect Mac accessory as we head into the summer months.

26. Sharpie laptops

Want a custom, urban design decal for your Mac? Chris Dunlop is your man

Artist Chris Dunlop aka Pinstripe Chris began his creative career as an airbrush artist and custom painter and later picked up pin-striping and Sharpie art. Probably best known for his Sharpie art cars, Dunlop has also started creating beautiful custom Macs decals, like this one, using the famous marker pen.

27. Retro logo

Mac decal
Be the envy of all your friends with this simple but super-cool retro Mac decal

If you're a fan of retro design, then you'll love this replica of the rainbow Apple logo used by the company in the mid-'70s to the late-'90s. Simply place over the current Apple logo on your Mac, power up and watch the colours light up!

28. Atlas Stickman

mac decals
We loved this humourous take on the simple stickman

There's plenty of designs encorporating the simple stickman but we just loved this humourous take on the Apple logo. You can also buy it in a range of colours from purple to green.

29. Batman lurking

mac decals
Batman: Mac decal style

One for all you Bat-fans out there. We picked this one, as the designer has managed to encorporate the apple into the famous character. There's plenty more Batman related Mac decals out there if this one doesn't take your fancy!

30. Zombie Snow White

mac decals
Snow White and the severed dwarves. Nom!

What could be better than a Disney Princess turned zombie?! With plenty of ordinary Snow White Mac decals out there, we have to say that this one is the best... obviously!

31. Street Fighter: Ryu

mac decals
Everything I do, I do it for Ryu

How awesome is this Ryu Mac decal?! The Street Fighter legend and 'hero' of the series comes to life, using the Apple logo as his fireball. One for you game-lovers out there! And speaking of Street Fighter, have you seen these brilliant Street Fighter illustrations?

32. Magritte

mac decals
The Apple of Magritte's eye

Of course the famous surrealist painter René François Ghislain Magritte was going to get the Mac decal treatment sooner or later. Based on his 1964 painting 'The Son of Man,' this is the perfect Mac decal for any surrealist art lover.

33. Galesaur

Mac decals
Don't let the Galesaur sway you for an early lunch!

This awesome little guy was created by Etsy shop AngelDecals. It's handy that decals are placed on the lids of Mac's otherwise this one could be making you hungry for an early lunch break.

34. Super Mario

mac decals
Apple makes its way into the Mario world

Itsa Mario! You simply can't have a post on Mac decals without the world's most famous Italian plumber making an appearance. We loved this one especially thanks to the cute and clever design.

35. Stormtroopers

mac decals
Hey Apple logo - aren't you a little small for a Stormtrooper?

Of course we had to feature a Star Wars themed Mac decal (and we're sure some more will probably be showing up). The white instead of black option really works on this one and perfectly compliments the Apple logo.

36. Apple vs. Windows

mac decals
Apple triumphs at Noughts and Crosses

Where do your loyalties lie? Well, seeing as you're looking at a post full of Mac decals we're guessing you favour the Apple kind. This cheeky Mac decal made us chuckle and might even annoy your PC-lovin' pals.

37. Watch

mac decals
Keep an eye on those pressing minutes around deadline time!

As a designer, you'll have plenty of deadlines to be keeping you busy. This watch Mac decal will remind you of those pressing mintues and if you sit opposite a procrastonator, do them a favour with this not-so-subtle reminder!

38. Yoshi

mac decals
We loved this cute homage to everyone's favourite dinosaur

We knew that Mario and his pals would somehow make their way into this list again. Who better to keep your Mac company than everyone's favourite dinosaur Yoshi. We loved this cute homage to the character.

39. Sensei moustache

mac decals
Celebrate Movember with a sensei moustache!

Perfect for Movember, this sensei moustache will be a brilliant accompianment to any Movember participant. If sensei is not quite your style, there's plenty of other moustache styles out there to suit everyone's tastes.

40. Doodle camera

mac decals
We love the doodle-like illustration on this one

One for all you photography lovers out there. We love the doodle-like illustration on this one, with the cute characters making up the shape of the old school camera. Speaking of doodles, have you seen our round-up of the best doodle art?

41. Bird on branch

mac decals
Bring some tranquility to your desk with this bird on a branch Mac decal

A lovely bit of illustration here. This bird on a branch Mac decal is perfect for creating a little tranquility in the office when your work seems to be getting on top of you. We love the colours too.

42. Apple juice

mac decals
Get those creative juices flowing...

An apple Mac decal list just wouldn't be complete without some 'Apple' juice. Get those creative juices flowing with this cute Mac decal. What's more, you can choose from a wide array of colours and sizes.

Have you seen any cool Mac decals? Let us know in the comments box below!

Words: Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine is deputy commissioning editor at Creative Bloq.

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