5 alternative Twitter clients for designers

Don't use Twitter.com when there are better alternatives available! We bring you five of the best Twitter clients on the market.

Are you still using Twitter.com to check your tweets? Then stop right now! There are dozens of free Twitter clients available to download that are packed with handy features to save you time and energy keeping on top of the social zeitgeist.

So whether you're a Twitter power user with thousands of followers or just want to keep tabs what others are saying, check out these five great Twitter clients to supercharge your social media life...

01. HootSuite

If you like to schedule a lot of tweets in advance, then web-based social media dashboard Hootsuite offers a massively useful dashboard to help you organise everything. As well as Twitter it can also sync with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. You can view entire Facebook photo albums and TwitPic photos directly, and even produce reports based on custom analytics. All in all, the client of choice for the serious social media user.

02. Tweetdeck

Since being acquired by Twitter, Tweetdeck has continued to be one of the most user-friendly Twitter and Facebook clients. The interface is clear and intuitive, you can schedule Tweets, its multi-column view works well on both desktop and mobile, and its popups are handy if you want to keep abreast of updates as they arrive. If they start to irritate you, though, Tweetdeck probably isn't the Twitter client for you.

03. Destroy Twitter

Cross-platform client Destroy Twitter packs in some pretty impressive features considering how fast, lightweight and minimalistic it is. Focusing on Twitter only (no other social media services are supported) means its interface is simple and uncluttered.

04. MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a Twitter client specifically designed for Windows. You can filter people, keywords and specific applications, plus the OMG! feature lets you quickly undo the Tweet you just posted. It's free but you may want to use the paid version to remove the ads.

05. Echofon

Another beautifully minimalist Twitter client, Echofon syncs read and unread tweets across your iOS devices so you never have to read the same tweet twice. We like the fact when setting alerts you can specify a sleep period. We all need to sleep!

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