50 design agencies to follow on Twitter

21. The Partners (@the_partners)

This is a central account for brand and design agency The Partners, so tweets come from London, Singapore and New York on a daily basis. The friendly, engaging feed is full of links to awesome design projects and events. The New York office also posts a regular picture on 'Bagel Thursday'.

22. Landor Associates (@LandorGlobal)

Leading brand consulting firm Landor Associates has a very active Twitter feed, featuring hints and links to lots of helpful and informative design-based information. If you're interested in branding in particular, then this is one account you should definitely follow.

23. SapientRazorfish (@SR_)

Stay informed with Sapient Razorfish
(Image: © Sapient Razorfish)

If you like interactivity then give design agency SapientRazorfish a follow. Not only do they tweet regularly, they also regularly support other creatives and reply to users messages.

24. Digitas (@Digitas)

If you like all things digital then follow top global integrated brand agency Digitas. With at least three tweets surrounding digital design daily, you're sure to find something of interest here.

25. Ogilvy & Mather (@Ogilvy)

The Twitter account of advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy & Mather is great for any creative. Tips, photos, insights and helpful retweets are posted regularly so if you're looking for some inspiration then this is one for you.

26. David & Goliath (@DEFYyourGOLIATH)

The guys at advertising agency David & Goliath take both creativity and fun seriously, and you get lot of both through their Twitter feed. With regular updates, they're short on words and big on pictures. Oh, and they have a thing for hamsters...

27. Ideo (@ideo)

IDEO likes to share
(Image: © IDEO)

Global design consultancy IDEO clearly likes to share. With an active and regularly updated feed, IDEO tweets about everything design-related, and for an added bonus retweets inspiring content from other designers and creatives. With short and to-the-point tweets, IDEO lets its work do the talking.

28. Fantasy Interactive (@F_i)

The tweets by global digital agency Fantasy Interactive are short but sweet. The company regularly updates its feed with news of its latests works, which is all worth taking a look at and engages with its followers daily. Fi also shares cool content found and created by other creatives in the community.

29. AKQA (@AKQA)

The Twitter bio for digital service company AKQA says, "where the work does the tweeting". And that it does. The feed is a mixture of informative links to creative content and personal, friendly messages to the online world. A great one to follow for inspiration, and finding other talented designers and creatives.

30. Form (@Form_design)

Award-winning London design studio Form is an avid Twitter user, and with over 20 years' experience in the industry, its feed is definitely worth a follow. Tweets focus on design and related events in the industry, posting links to relevant articles and images. The team are very friendly and engaging, and clearly don't take themselves too seriously – just what you need when limited to 140 characters.