37 brilliant Blender tutorials

27. Create stunning tileable textures

Make your own tileable textures with the Dynamic Topology system

Blender's Dynamic Topology system is, amongst other things, a great tool for creating nice-looking, tileable textures. In this tutorial, Pierrick Picaut explains how to create stylised wooden and stone tileable textures from sculpted surfaces.

28. Rig a 3D vehicle

This vehicle rig makes the most of bone constraints

Discover how the rig for this futuristic combat jet was created with this expert animator's insights. You'll learn how a bone constraint works in Blender and how to set it up, and also how a bone constraint affects the animation skeleton.

29. Create a realistic water simulation

This Blender tutorial by Andrew Price shows you how to create realistic fluid effects and render it using the new Cycles rendering engine.

30. Make animal fur with cycles and particle hair

Jonathan Lampel demonstrates how to use multiple particle systems to add realistic hair to an animal and how to easily set up a great looking fur material using Cycles' new hair shader.

31. Create a photo-real render using cycles

Blender tutorials

Create jewellery that's photo-realistic

In this series of six in-depth video-based Blender tutorials, pro 3D artist Alex Telford shows you how to create a realistic render of some jewellery. Watch as he takes you from concept to final image with the software's Cycles render engine.

32. Photorealism explained

"If you're a CG artist hoping to work in the industry, photorealism is the most important skill you can focus on," says Andrew Price on Blender Guru. "It not only helps you to learn and understand how real life looks (a crucial step for creating cartoonish exaggerated styles), but is also highly in-demand for Hollywood, gaming studios and new industries." Price's guide lasts for nearly an hour, but is packed with helpful tips and tricks.

33. Roll a 3D object on its edge

Blender tutorials

Use the curve editor to roll objects on their edge

This is one of the quicker Blender tutorials in this list, where you can learn how to roll objects on their edge using the curve editor. Bassam Kurdali talks you through the technique in 10 easy steps.

34. Animate a circular swipe

Bassam Kurdali's video explains how to set up a clock face-style swiping action using the popular open-source 3D package. You can also download the accompanying project files for this tutorial.

35. Camera mapping

Here, Andrew Price explains everything you need to know to do camera mapping using Blender.

36. Fun with rigid bodies

Bring the destruction! Andrew Price demonstrates how to go wild with Blender's rigid body simulator, making a chain, a wrecking ball and a load of stuff to destroy in an entertaining manner.

37. 13 brilliant Blender tips from the pros

Blender tutorials

Experts offer 13 insightful tips

Make Blender part of your professional pipeline with this set of workflow tips and tricks from the experts. Ian Hubert (Project London), James Neal (Red Cartel), Jason van Gumster (Hand Turkey Studios), William Reynish (an animator on Big Buck Bunny and Sintel) and Nathan Vegdahl (freelance), all spill the beans.

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