3D typography in layered wax

It looks like it's carved from stone - it's actually moulded from layers of wax

This awesome typographic-led work is by New York-based artist and designer Keetra Dean Dixon. At first glance, we wondered how on earth she managed to carve this type so perfectly out of stone before disocvering it has in fact been moulded from multiple layers of wax and coloured with acrylic paint.

Dixon has been created these pieces, in collaboration with fellow artist, partner and studio buddy JK Keller, since first being commissioned for a wax work, 'Become', in 2009 for the US Presidential Inauguration.

Dixon's first commissioned wax work for the 2009 Presidential inauguration

Since then, the duo have created many more pieces, including 'Throughout' and 'And Yet', the latter of which is currently available to purchase online.

You can find out more about the process behind Dixon's layered wax type in the latest issue of 8 Faces magazine.

This slab of wax shows just how many layers goes into each piece

The Throughout piece, aka 'Ive been thinking of you for a while'

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